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by feline, [2017 May 23, 06:07:59]

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Portamx and Responsive themes

Started by CannabisGamerClub, 2014 October 22, 09:12:24

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2014 October 22, 09:12:24
Hello, I am using portamx on a responsive smf theme. On the mobile version the portamx html blocks kind of make everything un-proportionate and make it look like the theme is trying too be responsive but looks janky. Is their a way too make the Portamx flow with the responsive theme? Thank you for any tips or help with this issue i'm facing. Looks like the rest of the theme responds but the portamx blocks.


2014 October 25, 00:30:25
which theme you use?
for mobile themes it's better to switch off the panels (left/right) and also it's a good idee to make blocks specific for a mobile theme.
to switch off blocks in a panel, use the Dynamic visibility options settings and select the theme on Show or Hide the block on theme.
also you can modify the theme index.template.php and insert the lines:
Code Select

global $modSettings;
$modSettings['pmx_paneloff'] = array('left', 'right');

after the lines:
Code Select
function template_init()
global $context, $settings, $options, $txt;
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2014 November 04, 09:23:47
Thanks, and that will disable them on mobile?


2014 November 04, 16:45:50
Yes .. if you put that in the index template for the mobile theme ...


2014 November 10, 06:54:35
I'm using Zgames theme, from smftricks. I added that code in my theme's index.template.php, I couldn't find a mobile version in my theme, not sure where too add that code if that's what I need too do. What do you suggest I do?


2014 November 12, 14:03:39
I can nothing to say to this theme ..
If you need a real mobile template, look at


2016 January 28, 20:36:50
how to force the blocks to be responsive
The code presented above does not exist
using this theme:


2016 January 28, 22:55:01
I don't known that theme, but I think the function is exist in the file ...
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2016 January 29, 07:47:14
This deletes the left and right panels,
does not give responsiveness
all blocks go beyond style

So please help, even the default style is smashed by blocks link to site: looka at mobile device


2016 January 29, 21:44:21
We work on a new release, they have options to show/hide panel and/or block on device types (Mobile/Desktop/Both)....
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2016 January 29, 23:01:54
I'll waiting for New relase