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Caching on SMF 2.0

Started by feline, 2009 October 29, 03:29:24

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2009 October 29, 03:29:24
Last days I tested caching tools with SMF (memcache, eAccelerator, mmcache) and I see, that SMF have a lot of problems with this...  ???
So I found follow mistakes / bugs:

1.. They is no option to clean the cache (for each a function exist), but that is absolutely necessary.
2.. The languages always cached in the file cache. Why??
3.. Caching level 2 or 3 don't work
4.. Available caching function are not used (compress etc.)

Because I work on FULL caching for PortaMx, I will write my own caching routines with support for filecache, memcache, eAccelerator and mmcache. ACP and xCache is currently not accessible and Zend is not free.

If anyone known a programmer on SMF, so can tell him what I have found on SMF caching.
I do never post Bugs, while I never becomes a answer. That is tooo bad for me ...

Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.