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clickable images that redirect too a url

Started by CannabisGamerClub, 2014 October 13, 01:13:59 pm

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2014 October 13, 01:13:59 pm

This is the link too a mod that I think is trying too do what I want, but using a custom theme and portamx, may be the problem with just the quick install and giving me errors.

Is their a way I can just adjust the width and height of an image and make it a clickable link too a url, for instance my photo gallery url, and making a graphic called photos, so when you click on the picture it goes too my photo gallery on my site while using a block from portamx, or is their a better way of just doing it threw the subs.php files or something like that. Thank you for any help


2014 October 20, 02:49:03 pm
You can use a script block as example..
Code Select

<a href="url_to_your_gallery_image"><img src="link_to_the_image" style="width:100px; height:100px" /></a>
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.