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[TIP] Add Favicons to all Links

Started by feline, a year ago

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a year ago Last Edit: 4 months ago by feline
With this TIP you can add favicons (small images, the shown in mostly browsers in the link bar) to all links in the Message text !
NOTE: This will only works for PortaMx 1.54 !!!

SMF use the CSS class bbc_link for internal or external links in the messages, if you use:
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[url]the link here[/url] in Messages.
For these links we add the favicon if the side have one.

This will looks as follow:

Link/ to this Message

Uuuuhh .. Nice  O0

Please note that the favicon is not shown in the message preview !

I have added a small archive, that hold the files are changed/added.

And here the steps to add this wonderfull [TIP] ..
  • Extract the attached archive
  • Copy the files in the folder to the corresponding folder on your server.
    Make a backup or rename the originals before !!!
  • Clear your Browser cache and reload your site.
Is all correct, now you see the favicon for each link, the have the CSS class bbc_link.

Additonal Notes:
For PortaMx Blocks / Articles with the type script and html you must add the CSS class for the links manually.
To do that, change each <a href=" ... "> link
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<a href="sidename.domain">sitename</a> and add the string class="bbc_link" like
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<a href="sidename.domain" class="bbc_link">sitename</a>Now the favicon is also shown in this blocks/articles.

Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.