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PortaMx v1.53 ecl released

Started by portamx, 2 years ago

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2 years ago Last Edit: a year ago by feline
PortaMx 1.53 ecl for SMF 2.0.9. released

This release will fix the reported security leaks (html ckeditor - file manager and ECL overlay).
We replaced the very old fckeditor version with the lastest release of the ckeditor and a new filemanager.
The ECL overlay is also updated so all known leaks are fixed now.

Also we added a lot of new features, like a "on the fly compress" for javascript and css files.
Of course we fixed all other smaller bugs we found.

You can update a installed version or you can make a fresh install.
Look at the PortaMx Admin Center to see the Update option.

The Github repository is also updated...

Thanks to all, they have reported the bugs and leaks !!


2 years ago
Thanks and well done to all  ;)

My test Site;
It's nice to be nice :)


2 years ago
Thank you for the update.

I deleted my account some months ago, but came back to running a few smf forums.

PortamX has/is always a pleasure to work with.


2 years ago
thank you  :)