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(2016 November 12, 09:37:31 am)

PmxBlog 1.0 for SMF 2.0 and a installed PortaMx 1.x

Started by feline, 2011 June 14, 01:25:39 am

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2011 June 14, 01:25:39 am Last Edit: 2011 July 30, 02:48:20 pm by feline
Because many User ask us ... we have done what he ask.
PortaMx proudly presence PmxBlog 1.0 for SMF 2.0 and a installed PortaMx 1.x

This is the last release what we make of this "old" mod and this works ONLY with a installed PortaMx 1.x, not as stand alone Blog. We won't never make any new release only bug fixes. For Support about PmxBlog use the PortaMx Support Boards. You will find the PmxBlog package on our download page.
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2011 July 28, 01:06:51 pm
Thanks for updating this!  Great addition for our community.


2011 July 29, 01:34:02 am
Did anybody make a demo movie on Youtube or any other movie how to use it ?

I would like to see some documentation, how to use it best.
Many thanks.


2011 July 29, 12:44:54 pm
Thanks from me too Feline, well done  O0

My test Site;
It's nice to be nice :)

ben sisko

2011 October 28, 09:04:07 am
thank you for this great mod Fel!   :)