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EU Cookie Law starts on 25. May

Started by feline, 2012 April 22, 06:48:54 pm

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2012 April 22, 06:48:54 pm
Because the new EU Cookie Law, we must declined the development of PortaMx until we have implemented these in our Software.

What is the law?
From May 2011 a new privacy law came into effect across the EU. The law requires that websites ask visitors for consent to use most web cookies.

The relevant portion of the  EU directive is Article 5(3):
"Member States shall ensure that the storing of information, or the gaining of access to information already stored, in the terminal equipment of a subscriber or user is only allowed on condition that the subscriber or user concerned has given his or her consent, having been provided with clear and comprehensive information, in accordance with Directive 95/46/EC, inter alia about the purposes of the processing. This shall not prevent any technical storage or access for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary in order for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide the service."

Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2012 April 22, 09:14:45 pm
was ist denn das schon wieder für ein neues Gesetz ?
Wieso hat man davon nichts gehört, bevor es verabschiedet wurde ?

Wer genau hat das beschlossen und wann wurde es ratifiziert ?

Können da jetzt alle Forumsadmins abgemahnt werden, die sowas noch nicht unterstützen ?


Gruss, Stefan.


2012 April 22, 09:50:45 pm
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2012 April 24, 07:47:16 pm
ist das gesetz uebhaupt schon durch?
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2012 April 24, 10:14:29 pm
es ist ein EU Gesetz .. und die Mitgliedstaaten müssen das umsetzen, was hier in GE noch nicht erfolgt ist. Allerdings hat die SPD einen Entwurf eingereicht, das TKG entsprechen zu ergänzen. Mal sehen was wann und wie kommt.
Wir werden unser Portal auf jeden fall ECL konform machen...


2012 June 10, 08:14:35 pm
Hmm.. is thats why the download link not working ? :)

Heey... really, they would come and pick on your software... because of that, ?
Is there not tens of thousands of huge portals that will not give rat ass about the law and they do not worry? Just wandering,
hope that this is not an big problem to implement


2012 June 11, 10:49:25 am
Sorry .. but I understand nothing  ;D
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2012 July 12, 02:12:16 pm
Ist zwar schon was älter, aber wurde der Entwurf nicht abgelehnt?

[edit]Hm gut, Das betraf nur die Änderung des TMG in Deutschland...  :-X


2012 July 12, 05:11:59 pm
Bezüglich der ECL hat die SPD einen Entwurf eingereicht, aber bisher ist nichts entschieden.
Deutschland hat bislang kein eigenes Gesetz, somit ist das EU Gesetz gültig ...
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.