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(2016 November 12, 09:37:31 am)

Turkish translation files for PortaMx 0971

Started by BurakG, 2010 January 27, 03:28:47 pm

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2010 January 27, 03:28:47 pm Last Edit: 2010 January 27, 05:17:01 pm by feline
Hi All,

I have translated the files for Turkish-UTF8 and ANSI ( non-UTF )  as well . With this I hope the software ( which I believe is  among the best around ) will get much more  attention from Turkish users.

I have tried to check it for a few times but I am sure there will be mistakes.

Feel free to write any error you realise either it is a syntax or a translation error.

PS : I hope the format of the file and zip is correct

[attachment deleted by admin]
Destiny. The design is clearly Ancient ..


2010 January 27, 05:26:05 pm
Thank you for tranlation ..

But the folder structure was not correct, I have fixed this and re upload the file.
The correct folder structure for language archives:

Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2010 January 27, 06:14:37 pm
Ok. Mine was based on the sample file you had posted :)
Destiny. The design is clearly Ancient ..


2010 January 28, 12:58:19 pm
I have added for non-UTF sites. But I should say it needs to be tested..
Destiny. The design is clearly Ancient ..


2010 March 30, 10:52:29 pm
Thank you


2010 April 02, 08:25:17 am
You are welcome ;) but I see that you forum is RC3 , you should use 0.980 for that.
Destiny. The design is clearly Ancient ..


2011 July 26, 01:02:47 am
 Thanks Emeğine sağlık


2012 January 24, 07:03:08 pm
Ustam son sürümü ne zaman çevirirsin Türkçeye =))


2013 May 04, 08:39:56 pm
1.40 sürümünkünü vereyim pm atın  1.5 ile hemen hemen aynı bi kaç fazlası var talep olursa çeviririm onu da