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[PAID]Integration of Amazon and Ebay and other affiliate Links into Postings

Started by hartiberlin, 2011 January 05, 03:15:29 pm

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2011 January 05, 03:15:29 pm
I am looking for a plugin or MOD or external PHP tool,
that scans all the forum postings and lets
me insert into the postings from a list of keywords
some affiliate links.

So maybe a simple PHP script will work which will
modify the SQL database this way, that it compares
a text file with keywords with the posting text of the
forum posting and when it finds a keyword,
it will automatically insert the link to an affiliate product
from Ebay or Amazon or other affiliate vendor.

For instance,
if my keyword in my keyword textfile is:
and also in the keyword textfile is given the link to my
affiliateproduct on Amazon for the coffeemachine
then it should change the word
into an HTML Link with my Amazon affiliate link for this coffeemachine.

So I basically setup a text file with keywords and affiliate links
and the script or MOD will just change all the words in the
SQL database of the forum postings to these affiliate links.

The script or MOD should also have no problems, if I run it multiple
times, cause I add or delete keywords and affiliate links, that it will
have no problems to modify or delete or add the affiliate links...

Also this script or Mod should work to generate Inline links
just from keywords to other postings on the same forum,
but this could be an option.
Inline links ( links to other postings on your own domain)
are also very good for Google ranking !

Please email me or send personal message with your offering.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.


2011 January 05, 09:40:44 pm
Like, infolinks or Kontera but with Amazon and Ebay?

in principle the same what infolinks does on the fly,
but not on the fly, but just with a PHP script that modifies
the postings permanently.
This will not consume so much computing power
as for instance Infolinks or Kontera do, as they use up too many Javascript resources.. !

I want just to modify the postings inside the SQL database via a PHP script NOT on the fly,
when a user loads the page,
but running it manually every day or every week once, so I can permanently modify the postings

If I have a text file with keywords and affiliate links, it should check the postings,
if these words are there and just insert the links.

Surely this could also be done by a MOD in the admin panel, which would
be even one should be able to import keywords and the fitting affiliate
links there.

The problem with infolinks, Kontera and simular companies is, that they do the same thing,
but keep a lot of the money from the affiliate sales, so we as the forum admins
could do it better ourselfs then and this way earn more money from affiliate sales....

Regards, Stefan.


2011 January 05, 09:41:21 pm
P.S: I would also need a PHP script ,
that will change links to Ebay auctions to
a Ebay Affiliate link with my Ebay Partner Network affiliate ID.

If a user is posting in my forum about an article he bought at Ebay, this script
should be manually be run or via a cronjob every day and should
convert all ebay links to Ebay Partner Network affiliate links.

Who can do this ?

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.