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[PAID] Integration of Clickbank offer websitepages into PortaMX SinglePages

Started by hartiberlin, 2011 January 04, 11:36:36 pm

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2011 January 04, 11:36:36 pm
I am looking for an easy way to get the single offer pages from any Clickbank
Product into a Single Page or an article from PortaMX.

For example, if I want to advertise this:

Magnet Secrets - Ebook Clickbank product

Then it leads me to the webpage, where the vendor has its offer page.

Normally in the Clickbank market these offer pages are only 1 big HTML offer page.

I would look for a tool or plugin, that lets me import this page
into a PortaMX single page or Article page and
lets me include my affiliate code for it.

To set the required Clickbank cookie for sales tracking you can just use an image tag with a link
to the affiliate code. This will generate the required Clickbank cookie on the surfers

Please send me an email or personal mail here, if you are interested to implement something
like this and the money you want to get for this work.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.


2011 January 05, 12:34:16 am
P.S. For better understanding:

I just don´t want  to link only to THEIR offer pages on THEIR domains,
but want to copy their webpage to MY DOMAIN and
use a single page or an Article Page of PortaMX for this purpose.

Okay, I could maybe use an open source Webeditor like
and store the webpage from it to my local drive,
but how can I then easily import it to a PortaMX single page or article
page, without destroying the layout ?
Also all pictures should be imported as well
and the layout and template should not change.

So it should look like the original page, but it should
be located on my domain.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.