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How to Remove theme from single pages

Started by mikeymx5, 2011 February 21, 21:01:14

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2011 February 21, 21:01:14
I am trying to make a single page that will produce a excel sheet of some data base fields. It still needs some work but I notice that when it exports my data the theme gets injected into the spread sheet.

What code can I put into a single page to remove the theme completely. If I cant do it I will just have to make it a standalone PHP file but I would much rather have the option to easily edit in Portamx.


2011 February 21, 21:19:45
you can use your own .css file (2 for testing exists under: /Themes/default/PortaMx/BlockCss/) wich both are available under: Select a cssfile or leave blank
in the page settings.
 |I Use: SMF 2.0.5 | PortaMx 1.51
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