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~Gri to Feline~

Started by gri, 2010 November 21, 11:02:28

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2010 November 21, 11:02:28
Why the Subforums are lack of Notify button
both for board and topic notifications
on your forum

I wonder will I be notified of a reply..

The [FREE] option should be declared as just the default one.


2010 November 23, 00:30:23
There is a mistype in PMx-SubForums:

      <remove-file name="$languagedir/AdminSubforums.englisg.php" />


2011 July 29, 12:48:43
Quote from: feline
It's google tranlator 

I see.
Unfortunately google translator does not translate from Toogrian.. to Toofelinian.