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[Free] Search Single Pages made in PortaMX - How?

Started by CBG, 2013 June 08, 12:04:22 am

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2013 June 08, 12:04:22 am

I would like to be able to create some Single pages in PortaMX, which I can do.
But I would like to create a search for it to search Single Pages, for words.

I am unsure where to search for it to be in Single Pages and how to do the PHP code and display it.



2013 June 08, 01:13:05 am
Search for what? text in the content?
Well .. that is not simple and very database intensive.
Globally steps
1 .. get all content from the single page blocks
2 .. convert bbc/htm/php or what ever the content is in
3 .. find the search phrase
4 .. show the matched pages
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2013 June 08, 11:25:21 am

I would was thinking more of just the title of the page, but it a set way

Let say I have 2 pages for a game which is called Black Ops 2 for example

I would have the following titles

Black Ops 2
Videos - Black Ops 2

I would want it to display just the first Black Ops 2 and not the Videos - Black Ops 2 link.

So let say I get the PHP code to search MySQL etc...

Do I need to make a PHP block and then put the block on the area I want?

The other question I have if I put it above the welcome block on the frontpage, where would the results display it it be in the same place?