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A Good Theme Maker Wanted

Started by replay, 2011 April 10, 09:27:26 am

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2011 April 10, 09:27:26 am
Ok so we need a new theme maker, we are looking for a totally different look to our site, and need a theme making that special to our site only.
The forum and web site will also need working with, as we want the new theme to be all over the whole site from start to finish.

I do have a few ideas,...but we are willing to let theme makers have some fun, and let their minds make their own theme that would compliment  our site.

You can have a peek at our site, the theme was made by bloc, you can see what you working with before you post to this thread if you want the job.


2011 April 24, 11:42:23 am
Dont we have any good theme makers on here  ;) ......


2011 May 02, 10:05:02 am
Lets Bump this one again, still wanting a good theme maker  O0


2011 May 02, 11:26:19 am
There are many good theme designs on market ..
Look at Dziner Studio, BlocWeb, SMF ...
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.