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PortaMx Forum .. Why we create this

Started by feline, 2017 March 12, 05:34:33 pm

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2017 March 12, 05:34:33 pm Last Edit: 2017 December 21, 11:07:34 am by feline
After we had to see at last year, which did not go so well with the development of SMF 2.1 and our suggestions for improvement and troubleshooting go to absolutely deaf ears, we decided to develop our own forum (on the SMF 2.1 basis) and add some options - which we find good.

Furthermore, this forum (of course) also contains our Portal System, which is fully integrated and can be activated or deactivated with one click into the Admin Settings.

Also our SEF System is integrated, which can also be activated / deactivated with one click. The old SMF caching we have completely rewritten and thus runs now clean and effectively.

We have continued to incorporate many new and advanced features, as well as all the errors we found in the SMF code (there were a lot of them).
Our system is not simply responsive, desktop mode and mobile mode is completely separated. So it is possible to see the desktop view on a mobile device, if you want it.

The front page as example have a special function. On smaller mobile devices, the two-column blocks are displayed as one-column block, when the width of the screen falls below a settable value. This is just one of the many functions we have implemented. To list all this would break this post ..

One point should be mentioned, because this contributes to the security mechanismens .. COOKIES are not (as SMF do) via Javascript set or read, this is ALWAYS done by the server. Thus, ALL cookies are also HTTP / HTTPS and Secure, which is with Javascript not possible. How we do that? Very simple .. we send a request to the server that he please save this cookie, or read it and send back the result .. very simple in principle .. but you have to make it ..

This forum system runs under PHP up from version 5.5 and (of course) with PHP 7 and 7.1 (our forum PortaMx runs under PHP 7.1) PortaMx Forum also works with secure connections (HTTPS) as you see here ...

The current version can be downloaded from us (PortaMx).
And .. if someone finds errors or other problems, it was be very grateful to send us a hint, best directly in our forum.
Many are stubborn in relation to the way, but less in relation to the target.