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New features and fixes in Version 1.1

Started by feline, 2017 September 01, 11:11:28 pm

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2017 September 01, 11:11:28 pm
Today I start a list of new functions/features and fixes/changes in Version 1.1 ...

Users Profile
Now the user can select the Date/Time format he will use.
He have the choices:
  • Forum default (same what Guests see / what the Admin set as default / default after Sign up)
  • Date & Time
  • Today
  • Today & Yesterday
  • Relative Date & Time

Manage Rights
The select option for Allow (A), Disallow (D), or Deny (X) don't show correct on Mobile devices (dropdown to small)

If a Post of a member quoted or is a Member mentioned in a Board, that the quoted/mentioned Member not can see, he have received a Notification like "You are quoted/mentioned in {private topic}" .. This we have removed !!
Members they not have access to a board in which he is quoted or mention now becomes no notification about this.

Portal Mini-Kalendar
Fixed a Bug in Show Events (element is not a array)

To be continued ...

Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.