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Started by feline, 2018 March 31, 01:29:21 pm

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2018 March 31, 01:29:21 pm Last Edit: 2018 April 02, 03:18:57 pm by feline
Today we Update our Server to the next comming Update.
What is new / changed in this Version ...

  • Enhanced Spider Handling
    • We added a block Spider option in the Spider Settings, so we need no .htaccess file for this
    • A blocked Spider then see only a 301 (Not Authorized) page
  • Embedded Video Handling
    • For Guests (and Spider) only a link to Youtube is shown
    • The Portal Blocks / Articles (BBC, SCRIPT, HTML) have a opition to force "Show link only"
    • The convert Routines (BBC=>HTML/SCRIPT, HTML/SCRIPT=>BBC) also handle Youtube links
    • The RSS Feed (action=.xml) send only a link to Youtube
    • If the BBC Code for Youtube disabled, also only a link to Youtube is shown

Also we fixed a lot of smaller Bugs in the Cache Routines
We hope, that all this is Wellcome for our User ..
Many are stubborn in relation to the way, but less in relation to the target.