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Latest updates on the RC1 ...

Started by feline, 2017 March 06, 01:45:09 am

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2017 March 06, 01:45:09 am Last Edit: 2017 March 10, 09:10:12 pm by feline
Today we update our server with the newest RC1

What we have done in the last weeks:

  • Smaller cosmetic changes and fixes.
  • A lot of CSS changes.
  • Code fixes and updates.
  • A new Promote enable/disable function added, they not need a Page reload.
  • Panel collapse/expand redesigned, as Admin now you can collapse/expand the Panels with the X-Bar Keys even if the Panel collapse/expand disabled. The X-Bars are not shown on this case.
  • The color of the X-Bars is changed for a better visibility.
  • On Mobile devices the two-column Blocks (like Promoted Posts, Boardnews) automatically switched to single-column if the Frontpage area width less then a given value. If you (as example) rotate your device and the new width is less or bigger then the given value, a Page reload is performed to redraw the content. The minimal width you can setup in the Portal Settings.
  • If you use the ECL functions, it's important to enable the Cache (caching is allways better) because the need Cookies are stored in the Cache until ECL is accepted. If a user accept ECL, the Cookies from the Cache are copied to normal Cookies and the cached Cookies will be removed.
  • As Admin you now can collapse/expand Panels, they set to disable Collapse. Because the xBars are not shown in this case,  you have to use the xBar keys (Alt+Numpad Key: 4, 6 = Left, Right, 8, 2 =Top, Bottom, 9, 3 = Head, Foot).
  • The SEF engine is also rewritten, now he can decode links, on they the Subject is changed while other User are online.
  • We added a lot of Test Functions .. Like a Spidertest .. with this you can test your site (as Admin only) and you can see what a Spider (like Google) can see and what not. Your are automatically logged out and also automatically logged in, if you stop the Spidertest.
  • The integrated Portal have also a lot of new functions and features, so you have many, many quick edit functions in the Manager overview. With this Quick-Edit Popups, you can set and change mostly used functions, like title text, title icon, title align, block on/off, Access settings and mutch more.

We do upload this release in the next days to Github...
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