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Percentage Based Width Panels

Started by Wyrda Ebrithil, 2010 January 12, 05:24:12

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Wyrda Ebrithil

2010 January 12, 05:24:12
You know how in "admin-> current theme" you can set the "width of the forum" ?
Well in that you are allowed to either choose a percentage... or a set pixel width...

However currently the panels are only allowed to be a set pixel width.... i think it would be cool to have the dynamic resolution options offered by a percentage


2016 February 09, 06:06:36
Would like it as well.


2016 February 09, 20:13:16
A percent value for the side panels are not possible.
Yo have to note, the the main area must have always a width of 100% (relative to the forum width).
If you now use percent for the side panels, the screen is dropped out of the browser area.
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.