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Strange issue

Started by deciph3red, 2018 March 28, 09:10:56 am

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2018 March 28, 09:10:56 am
So I posted a few weeks ago about an issue I was having.  The answer I was given was literally "We just fixed it, redownload the package".  It was an issue about things conflicting with the latest of version of SMF and PortaMX, however I cannot find this post (it only shows my latest post from 2011 (which isn't accurate).

I keep getting an SMF error saying
An Error Has Occurred!

Your session timed out while posting.  Please go back and try again.

However, when I login via the direct SMF LOGIN link, it works fine.  Everything I can find seems to point towards this mod (which I have disabled an everything works great).  Apparently it has something to do with the way SMF handles logins, and how this mod is NOT updated enough to do the same thing:

Any ideas would be very helpful.


2018 March 28, 11:18:23 am
Well .. we have update the Portal for PHP 7.xx .. and we get no information from SMF, that the login is changed.

But .. I have fixed that small problem ..
In the download area you will find a small file .. this must replaced the older one.

More info in our download area.

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