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(2016 November 12, 09:37:31 am)

Right side blocks display at the bottom of the left panel

Started by pzrzao, 2016 March 04, 07:43:21 pm

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2016 March 04, 07:43:21 pm
Strange problem that just came up even though I have not done any kind of admin work.

This morning it looked like the right panel stopped showing on the front page.  It turns out that the right panel blocks are showing, but at the bottom of the left panel, beneath all the center column content. It looks like the right panel has word wrapped to the bottom of the left panel.  This is only affecting the front page because the right panel shows up fine in all other areas.

Any thoughts?  ???

UPDATE: problem solved. Evidently someone had posted an image from an Aeva album using [smgid] and then enclosed it in the [img] tag - that was enough to break the frontpage look