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PortaMx copyright

Started by b4pjoe, 2010 November 12, 05:50:56

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2010 November 12, 05:50:56
A small issue but I do not have the PortaMx copyright on my front page of my forum. It shows up on all pages except the front page. Is this normal?


2010 November 12, 05:52:11
Just to add...this is SMF 2.0 RC4 and PortaMx v0.990.


2010 November 12, 07:22:35
OK, the copyright is back on the front page after an uninstall of PortaMx and a re-install of it.


2010 November 12, 07:35:00
LOL...and now it is gone again. :o

It seems that with the AEVA code commented out in the two AEVA files discussed here, and with the php block for the AEVA gallery enabled on the front page, that the PortaMx copyright disappears from my front page. If I disable that php block on the front page the PortaMx copyright code comes back.

:D :( :'(


2010 November 12, 17:07:27
I think eava scumble with the integrate buffer handling .. if the copyright not shown, the portal don't work correct,

Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2010 November 12, 18:29:44
It displays everywhere except the page where the php block is which is the front page and when displaying the 2 albums that came up blank before modifying the code shown in this thread.

Here is the code used in the php block.

Code Select
global $sourcedir;
     require_once($sourcedir . '/Aeva-Subs.php');
//     echo '<strong><center>(Click thumbnail to enlarge. Then click Zoom to view full size.)</center></strong> ';
     echo aeva_listItems(aeva_getMediaItems(0, 16, 'RAND()', true, array(10)), true, 'center', 0);


2010 November 13, 00:31:56
As along this posting ( I think, this is the problem.

So you can do follow:
Look with phpMyAdmin on the you database, the table smf_settings.
Trey to find the entry integrate_buffer (select * from smf_settings where variable like 'integrate_buffer')
if you see a ob_portamx, remove that.

Edit the file /Soures/PortaMx/PortaMx.php
Code Select
// save existin hook and tell SMF our handler
$context['pmx_integrate_buffer'] = (!empty($modSettings['integrate_buffer']) ? $modSettings['integrate_buffer'] : '');
$modSettings['integrate_buffer'] = 'ob_portamx';

replace with:
Code Select
// tell SMF our handler
add_integration_function('integrate_buffer', 'ob_portamx', false);

Save it.

Edit the file /Sources/PortaMx/LoadData.php
Code Select

$buffer = $context['pmx_integrate_buffer']($buffer);

remove the code and save.

Now you can test again.

Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2010 November 13, 00:59:07
Thanks. I'll give it a try.


2010 November 13, 02:12:21
When I run the SQL query (select * from smf_settings where variable like 'integrate_buffer') it does not find anything named ob_portamx. See attached image.

Changing the code as suggested for /Soures/PortaMx/PortaMx.php and /Sources/PortaMx/LoadData.php had no effect. The copyright is still missing on the front page and the 2 albums that were displaying blank to start with. I tried it both ways, ie...the two AEVA files with the code in them and the code commented out.

[attachment deleted by admin]


2010 November 13, 04:56:53
In this case I can't help, sorry.
PortaMx follow exactly the programming restrictions they given for mods by SMF.

If a other mod drops the integration hooks, then this is a heave bug and many other mods (all portals I think, SimpleSEF and more) don't work.

So you have to call the author of this mod.
As a note .. PortaMx adds the hook only temporary.

Ahh .. and a last check you can make ..
Add the string ob_portamx in the table as I say above.


Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2010 November 13, 07:19:31
Thanks for the help feline. I am 99% sure that this particular issue is with AEVA 1.4b as the 2 albums that do not show the PortaMx copyright are both albums that have video files in them. If I remove the video files from the album the PortaMx copyright shows up.

I still haven't figured out why the copyright is missing from the front page because the php block showing the AEVA gallery does not contain any video files but if I disable that block the copyright shows fine so I'm fairly certain that is being caused by AEVA as well.

Edited to add. It's embedded files that reside on remote servers that causes the issue. If you upload a file directly into the album there is not a problem. It's not just albums though. If there are posts with embedded files they also display as blank white pages.

As final tests I uninstalled AEVA 1.4b and PortaMx worked fine. All copyrights were where they should be. So then I un-installed PortaMx and re-installed AEVA. All of the albums displayed fine. Even those that have embedded video files from sites like youtube. Then I re-installed PortaMx and the problems returned. Blank white pages for those albums with embedded video and if I edited the 2 AEVA files as mentioned I can display those albums and front page but the PortaMx copyright is missing. At this point I'm just going to not upgrade my SMF 2.0 RC3 site because I don't want to have to do without either PortaMx or Aeva.


2010 November 13, 17:36:26
Thanks for checking and reporting. I think you have to call nao/gilles about this problem.

Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2010 November 13, 17:48:36
I have posted it in the AEVA support topic at SMF but Nao is banned from there so he won't see it and at his site he will only do support for the paid version of AEVA. Hopefully someone at SMF might be able to help.


2010 November 13, 20:56:30
That's fantastic .. a mod on SMF without a author/helper/supporter ..  ;D

Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2010 November 13, 20:59:36
Yes I know. It's too bad there isn't a suitable gallery mod for SMF other than AEVA. :-[