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Importing data possible?

Started by WmMartin, 2009 March 02, 05:18:02 am

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2009 March 02, 05:18:02 am
I'm glad to see there is finally a new portal for the SMF 2.0.  Currently I am using SMF 118 and MKPortal.   Unbeknown to me yesterday when I installed the new SMF 2.0, only to find out that MKPortal doesn't support it.  My question is that I have over hundreds of files uploaded in the downloads block of the MKPortal.  It is possible to import the data on those files thru MySQL to transfer all the data over to PortaMx?  I hate the thought of having to re-link all those files.  :o   Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!  ;)



2009 March 02, 05:25:32 pm
I thinks, that possible .. but .. and that is the point ..
PortaMx dont have a full downlaod manager, only a small download block for less of files.
Of couse you can use other download mod (example the download mod from vbgamer).

Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2009 March 02, 10:24:18 pm
beside that PortaMx is the better product.
mkportal has never supported betas or rc versions but will be support the final smf2.

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2009 March 03, 09:01:35 am
Thanks for your responses.  After looking over the codes in both format. It look like it's not possible to import the data. The codes is all the way different. It would probably take a few good weeks to come up with a MOD that could transfer all the data without having to relinks and typing in all the titles and descriptions again.