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Mootools Animated Slide Show Block

Started by mikeymx5, 6 years ago

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5 years ago
Some day I will get around to updating this... I have one problem that I identified. if you have a ' in the description of a photo it will crash the slide show. I need to make it clean the description to ASCII before it outputs it.

Does anyone have any suggestions when I do this I will try to add them in.   I also am going to remove all support for versions of SMF that I do not use and for other gallery packages as my version has evolved far beyond it.


5 years ago
Please excuse me if i have this wrong, i am using SMF 2.1 and have SMF gallery installed i have tried to get this to work after install i have this message

"You do not have Aeva installed... Change gallery type to forum only!"

i changed the gallery type to "1" and got this message

"Fatal error: Call to undefined function sp_loadColors() in /public_html/smf/slideshow/photo_viewer.php on line 173"

Am i right thinking this should work with SMf ? i also presume this is a PHP block code ?

sorry again i am pretty new and still very much trying to get to grips of things

thank you and btw looks awesome



5 years ago
Sorry I just got back to working on this and fixing some long over due bugs such as if you have a ' character in the title or desc it crashes the slide show.

So what version of AEVA do you have?


5 years ago
Extract and up load this zip to your root smf folder.

Sorry i dont have time to package or clean up all the old code... this will only work for PortaMX and AEVA... I made many edits so Im sure I broke all the other functionality. All credit goes to the original author that wrote the code.

Also in this version it will pull the latest 7 pictures from the galler with a rating of 3 and up.  Have fun.

my block code
Code Select
/* PHOTO GALLERY PLUS v1.2 - Intended for use with  *** PortaMX and Aeva***
    visit: SMF/PortaMX support of this adapted version.
    Slideshow is a javascript class for Mootools 1.2 to stream and animate the presentation of images on your website.
    Copyright (c) 2008 by Aeron Glemann (  (Freeware)
    This package was adapted to work with SMF and no part of the original script was modified in any way.
    PHOTO GALLERY PLUS is an alternative to viewing pictures on a SMF website and is intended as a package add-on for Simple Portal.

    Respected applications and developers concerning this modification:
        Aeva Media    - Developed by Nao/Gilles (c) /
        Simple Portal - Developed by The Simple Portal Team - v2.3.1 (c)2008-2009   (
        Slideshow     - Developed by Aeron Glemann  (c)2008 (           
        Several code edits were done thanks to Louis Lester for SMF 2.0 and AEVA Gallery   with permission from original author.                           */

/* >>>>>>>START - User supplied info<<<<<<< */

/* Enter total number of pics to view for forum */
$total_pics = 15;

/* Set 'true' for recent display and 'false' for random display in forum photos */
$type0 = true;

/* Enter total number of pics to view for aeva */
$total_pics_aeva = 6;

/* Set 'true' for recent display and 'false' for random display in aeva media */
$type1 = true;

/* Enter topic id to view pics from
- set to 0 for whole forum
- board id in next version */
$topic_id = 0;

/* Settings for Forum or Aeva Pics:
1 - Strictly Forum Photo Attachments
2 - Strictly Aeva Photo Gallery
3 - Use both Forum and Aeva Pics */
$gallery_type = 2;

/* Other specific settings can be adjusted in: / slideshow / settings.php    */

/* >>>>>>>END - User supplied info<<<<<<<  */

global $boarddir;
   /*  Grab the photo viewer file. */
   if (file_exists('slideshow/photo_viewer.php'))
$gallery_type = (int)$gallery_type;
photo_gallery_v1a($total_pics, $total_pics_aeva, $type0, $type1, $topic_id, $gallery_type);
      echo 'You do not have PHOTO GALLERY PLUS installed... Please install the necessary package! ... ';
      echo 'Visit for support.';

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