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Creating a slideshow with a block and custom buttons?

Started by CannabisGamerClub, 2 years ago

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2 years ago
Hello, everyone, I'm a noob. Lol  :D

So I have smf gallery lite, i'm not sure if what i'm doing is possible using it.
I'm trying to create a slideshow that is similar to the one on the adkgamers.
or just something of a slideshow that would allow me to be able to customize the width and height and for me too add pictures too it.

I was also trying to create buttons too, but have a picture that redirects to the part of the site I need it too, with a little tab with the name of the button right below it that highlights when you scroll your mouse over it. Is this possible to make with the portamx blocks? Would anyone be able too help me out?


2 years ago
with a php block (or extended php block) you can make any block...
But I can't say what you have to code for this ..
If you will send $_POST via a formular to the block itself, you MUST use a extend php block. So you can check the Post in the INIT section..