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Started by replay, 2009 October 25, 08:36:15

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2010 June 27, 12:14:26
Still waiting for my theme  :'(  :'(  i sit here heart broken because antechinus has not got the time to make it at the moment  :'( :'( :'( :'(

But i still have portamx running, and that makes up for the loss of the theme for the time being  :)) >:D

If i had a wish, then wishing for a good theme maker would be my wish.  O0



2010 July 14, 18:20:16
My wish has been granted Bloc has taken control of our theme and has started work on our theme right now. O0

Cannot wait.

Thankyou so much Bloc. :) O0



2010 July 23, 05:14:22
Oh good. Bloc's an awesome themer. He'll do you a good one. :)
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2010 October 05, 09:52:11
Quote from: hartiberlin ,  2009 October 27, 16:45:11
Hmm, I think this does not work anymore:

I donĀ“t find any mainframe anymore in the index.css file...

Where did they move it to ?

Many thanks.

Such a very amazing link!
Thanks for the post.

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2011 September 17, 23:12:27
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2012 March 03, 13:56:49
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2016 November 29, 10:07:06
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2017 February 07, 07:49:07
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