Selling Forum Accounts without Ads at Ebay USA and EBAY Germany ?

Started by hartiberlin, 11 years ago

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11 years ago
would this be allowed to sell accounts to my
Forum at and ?

I would like to get users to pay for access to the forum
without seeing any ads and
I am thinking of making Ebay auctions to do this.

Is this allowed at Ebay to sell something like this ?

This would have the beneficial effect, that I could
also make many keywords and so get free traffic
from Ebay itsself, also from users, who will not buy
an account this way...

Hmm, what would be the best method to implement this
automatically, so I will have the lowest amount of work to do
for this ?

Could I somehow use the subscription method from SMF2.x
for this ?

I want the users to pay for 6 or 12 months no ads access
and maybe also give this usergroup more rights, like
being able to lock up their own topics, etc...

If you have any ideas about it, please post it over here.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.


11 years ago
(just what i think while reading this)
i think this is first a question of the laws because you live in germany and they have some strange behavior regarding websites (Abmahnungen u.s.w).
so you may have to sort out such questions do to your company status and just secure(absichern) your self. you know by your self "selling" includes responsibility.

in this case you really have to think twice before you doing this. there will allways be some wich will try to get you into trouble.

your site will get at least for a short time much more traffic and also much more hacking attempts.
is your hoster secure?
is your forum secure?
are mods/hacks secure?
to face the above upcomming problems.
(may you need later on to switch forum(because your forum is may not that flex. to handle advanced  administration) to (no name now) wich will give you a hell of work i can say.)

i don´t think it will be a problem with ebay otherwise just ask them.
the subscription tool will work fine for this.

overall i personally would not do it on ebay, i would do it inside the community only.
may starting with a poll about your plans and see what they think.

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11 years ago
I see,
yes, I am just in the process to have a Website firewall programmed
from a friend, who is a great PHP programmer.

When this is done, I can automatically block every IP address ( user )
who makes X hits in 10 minutes and goes over a threshold hit access.

This way my site will be save from hackers or abusers, who want to
slow down the site by making huge traffic.

Well, I will see, what my users in my forum will
say to the membership option.

Regarding the website firewall script, do you think it could
be sold via Clickbank or Regnow or simular services
or is it better to offer something for free and
try to make some money via advertisement on a download page
or get some free traffic from it via a link in the bottom of the forum ?

With the firewall software the forum will be really finally pretty save against
any abuse..
Regards, Stefan.


11 years ago
as long as you use php and mysql in a shared environment there´s allways a backdoor.
the hoster and his infrastructure is more important for the main security.
i personally allways block all ip´s from the 4 worst countrys there most attacks come from(i don´t name them here do to not compromise this site) it makes life just more easy.
sorry for those people from this countrys wich don´t do any attacks but live is unfair these days.

for your firewall-script:
it is depending on how it is done and that it really has functions wich don´t allready exists.
may you talk to the smf-dev group about rights and validation

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11 years ago
Okay, the firewall script is now running and it is nice and stable.

It works with a second SQL database so the forum database is not used.

It blocks every IP number, that makes too many hits to the forum
in each xx minutes intervals.

If an IP address (user) is caught making more hits, then
his IP address is automatically blocked and he gets a 403 error page,
where it tells him, that he is blocked due to that he made too much traffic.

The ban can be lifted later or not, depending on rules..

Regards, Stefan.

P.S. Now I have enabled also again the RSS-Feeds, cause these
users can´t abuse anymore the traffic ! ;)


11 years ago
that makes no sense for me if it is so as you describe.
- produce a second db-connection and x queries for all visitors for every single activity
- so you make your site only more resource hungry
- you don´t lift the security in any way
- that may will block a very active user?

we are not talking about script-kiddies or spammers, that is more or less a easy task for smf.
but this may goes to far here on site and out there exist many other sites wich are only security related.

some last recommendations:
try to have very rare directories with chmod 0666 or 0777 and if you need them try to secure them with .htaccess(but also .htaccess has to be secured).

never leave files writeable

never leave a directory without a (at least empty) index eaven if you can set the directory listing to NO.

picture uploads are allways a high risk

(smf)be aware of files wich have been renamed to whatever.php~ thru package installer they are fully readable if you call them in a browser. this is in most case not dangerous but you never know so better delete them or move them to a secure (not web-readable) place for later use.

not every mod/hack are as good as they look they may can open your system.

i´ll give you some hints about the hoster:
(depending on how long you are with the hoster)
ther server-inviroment has been hacked several times totally in the last 3 years
(have you ever searched on your space for files wich are named: x(numbers).php :they have a nice script-code inside)
this is nothing negative about the hoster, this is just reality. but some hosters can handle it better then others.
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