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Portal SMF - Portal for Simplemachines Forum Foren

Started by hartiberlin, 2011 November 30, 11:48:39 pm

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2011 November 30, 11:48:39 pm
Portal SMF - Portal for Simplemachines Forum

Hi All, I have created this thread to help Feline to rank better for these keywords in the title
in the Google index, cause I saw, that neither her PortaMX domains was mentioned in the first
10 pages, if your googled about a portal software for the forum software.

So I am doing this thread now here to try to get it ranked very highly inside the Google index,
so if somebody looks for
portal smf
portal mod SMF
Portal extension for SMF forum
or some simular keywords, it should be found,
if we have enough backlinks to this topix.

This is a litle help for Feline as she is giving us this great free software and all
this great support and if you like it, please copy the link of this thread to your
homepage or Forum, so it will have a backlink from your end and thus help
her rank best in Google and the other search engines, so we will get more users
here, which will use this great
best portal SMF forum MOD software plugin

Many thanks for helping her this way and supporting her.

Regards, Stefan.


2011 December 01, 12:06:21 am
Okay, now I have posted the link to this thread:
Portal SMF 2.0
to my network with all the about 20 web 2.0 sites included and every of it will have a backlink to this thread.
So we will see, how this
great Portal Software for Simple Machine forum
will get more ranking inside the Google search engine and other searchengines.

While PortaMX the best Portal Mod for SMF forum from
is continueing to rise and get better and better with each new version, I hope the backlinks to this
threads will also grow and give Feline the ranking respect she deserves.

Okay, I am writing here some morte sentences to get the keyword density not too high as Google
likes only about 3 to 4 % keywords on the whole topic, so this is just a filler sentence, so not too many
keywords about the
best portal mod for SMF 2.01 and not for SMF 1.1
are being displayed here...

Okay, I think this is now enough keywords spreaded into this posting and I hope that this
topic will now rank very good in Google so Feline will be more famous with her
great and best Portal SMF software mod for Simplemachines forum .

Regards, Stefan.


2011 December 01, 01:47:07 am
Still a backlink more to this domain over here:

best portal smf

Gruss, Stefan.