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(2016 November 12, 09:37:31 am)

Avacab taxis site hacked, NameHog server cannot bring it back

Started by replay, 2011 January 01, 10:21:04 pm

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2011 January 01, 10:21:04 pm
Oh well thats that, the only person with the back up is cool  :-[ and i have not seen cool on for ages.
Looks like avacabs site is a gonna, and so much hard work was put into it too.


2011 January 02, 08:45:18 pm
Contact your hosting company to see if they can restore avacabs from one of their site auto backups for you.


2011 January 02, 09:20:32 pm
All up and running again thanks to cool, he had a good back up  O0 ; oh and i dont recommend Namehog server to anyone, thats just one for the road just in case anyone is thinking of going on it.
Had nothing but trouble with it from day one, and the final straw was losing all the site , no thanks to namehog not protecting their server good enough, and leaving back doors for hackers to corrupt the hole server and bring 800 web sites just like ours down.

I could rant all night, but lets just leave it their, best left alone i say, will be looking for a new server very soon i think to port across........................................................

But their is one thing in life thats stable,.................and thats portmx, portal ever  O0

Happy days one again



2011 January 03, 11:44:15 am
So I am not the only one. My sites are down too. Unfortuantetly we didnt have a back up but even then they still have issues and we cant even re install the site and lots of things are wrong with namehog at the moment.

Looking through other forums for answers to my questions, it is quite clear that they dont have a clue about the security and server admin; so much for 10 years experience that they claim that they have.

Ive just received an Email from them basically asking me to stop sending them Emails and to leave them alone. It not that they answered any of the 5 Emails that I have sent them in the 3 days that their servers are down. 

So much for patronising a local small business.

Doc Mallard

2011 January 10, 05:44:42 pm
I've lost four sites!  I do have backups but it doesn't stop people moaning at me....... argghh.  The wait for namehog to get new login details to me etc.   Bugger!


2011 January 30, 09:27:46 pm
Well, Well,....if namehog didn`t stop the hackers into our site, it trys to move our site to a different server on another one of their servers and BINGO , where has our site gone AGAIN,...OOPs Namehog has yet again messed everything up ,...i am starting to give up now.

This is now starting to become a joke with namehog, and when they have finished messing everything up, they have the nerve to mail me saying sorry again.



2011 January 30, 09:54:58 pm
spend a little bit more money in a good hosting and you have no problems  ;)
Like here ..1 und 1 cloud server .. fast, very fast   O0
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.


2011 July 25, 05:03:41 pm
I know that this is an old topic, but can you please give me an update


2011 July 25, 07:36:14 pm
update? for what?  ???
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.